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JGCB   Immunizations
        The students or the parents of students enrolling in any district preschool, school, or program shall provide the principal with certification from a physician or local health department that the child has received tests or immunizations for specified diseases or furnish documents to satisfy the requirements of Kansas Statute 72-5209 prior to admission to and attendance at school.  Proof of booster immunizations as mandated by the Secretary of the Department of Health and Environment is also required.

        As an alternative to the required certification, a student shall present:

1.      An annual written statement signed by a licensed physician stating the physical condition of the child to be such that the tests or immunizations would seriously endanger the life or health of the child; or

2.      A written statement signed by one parent or guardian that the child is an adherent of a religious denomination whose teachings are opposed to such tests or immunizations.

        On or before May 15th of each school year, the substance of this policy and the applicable state law shall be distributed to the parents or guardians of all known students who are enrolled or who will be enrolling in the district.  Prior to district enrollment, the superintendent shall publicize information explaining the required immunizations.

        Students who have not completed the required immunizations may enroll if a physician or local health department certifies that the student has received at least one dose of each required immunization.  These students will be considered in compliance with the immunization requirements and eligible to attend school so long as they adhere to the statutory schedule of immunizations.  Parents are expected to present documentation to the school nurse when required immunizations are completed.  

        The superintendent shall notify parents in writing when their student(s) is not in compliance with the statutorily required schedule of immunizations. Students who are not in compliance within 30 days of notification will be excluded. These students shall remain excluded until statutory requirements are satisfied.  Notice of exclusion shall be given to the parents as prescribed by law.  Students who are not immunized against a particular disease shall be excluded from school during any outbreak or suspected case of a vaccine-preventable disease.

        Each principal shall forward evidence of compliance with Kansas Statute 72-5209 to other schools or school districts when requested by the school or by the student's parent.

Approved:  July 1, 2001
Amended:  July 22, 2002
Amended:  October 25, 2004
Reviewed by Board Policy Committee:  February 27, 2008